Disturbing video released, Freeport reportedly mining uranium, special session set for August 3

Disturbing video footage has been released showing Brimob (Police Mobile Brigade) forces taunting escaped Papuan political prisoner Yawan Yaweni as he dies from his wounds in August 2009.  Graphic photographs of the disembowelled man lying in the forest had previously circulated on the web.  In the video, newly aired on Australian TV, Brimob forces are seen surveying what they say is an OPM rebel camp in the Serui region, and are seen and heard mocking the dying Yaweni as he defiantly raises his fist and says “merdeka” (freedom).

Grasberg open-pit gold and copper mine, West Papua: Is Freeport mining uranium there also?

A report in the Papuan media quotes a provincial legislator alleging that Freeport, the US mining company which controls the world’s largest gold mine in the Papuan highlands, is mining uranium in Papua.  Uranium extraction is not currently covered by Freeport’s operating agreements with the government of Indonesia.

According to sources in Papua, the result of meetings between FORDEM and Papuan provincial legislators has yielded a date of August 3 for the special session aimed at processing the demands of the wide West Papuan coalition that seeks to reject Jakarta’s special autonomy package in favour of all-out independence.


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